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Local B

Uncovering the Horizon

Painting the vibe I have for the day.

Who We Are

Local B strives to uniquely create art that awakens the imagination

Throughout life everyone is molded by their experiences and environments. These touch our hearts in different ways. This is true of me as well. My home, work and travels have formed my perspective when painting and creating.

Growing up in the woods of South Jersey, I spent a lot of time outdoors with the dirt, trees, frogs and bugs. 

At a young age, I started working on construction sites, always finding interesting cast off materials to use for projects. Then, as I got involved in artistic masonry, decorative concrete and landscaping, I started to use this background to begin creating pieces.

Creations using recycled metal, appliances, plywood and more started to take form. And, as always, these pieces were inspired by nature.